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其他新闻 - 共享资源 - 舌尖上的中国2:美食中英文对照
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"A Bite of China II" includes eight episodes covering the stories of more than 150 people and over 300 types of food.
第一集 《脚步Footsteps》中出现的美食:
酥油蜂蜜:Honey shortening
蜂蜜鳗鱼:Honey-glazed eel
麻辣香肠:Spicy sausage
蓝田裤带面:Lantian 'belt' noodles
清炖跳跳鱼:Stewed mudskippers
煎饼卷大葱:Pancake roll stuffed with scallions
雷山鱼酱:Leishan fish sauce
潮州春卷:Chaozhou spring roll
泉州萝卜饭:Quanzhou radish rice roll
第二集 《心传Heart's Message》中出现的美食:
牛肉锅贴: Fried beef dumpling
回锅肉:Double cooked pork slices
菜籽油:Rapeseed Oil
油炸锅巴:Fried rice crust
 红油:Red oil
蒜泥白肉:Shredded pork with garlic sauce
 凉拌猪耳:Pig ears dressed with sause
重庆小面: Chongqing small noodles
 苏州头汤面:Suzhou noodles stewed in first-time soup
 挂面:Hanging noodles
糯米卷:Glutinous rice rolls
苏式小方糕:Suzhou-style little diamond cakes
枣泥拉糕:Red date paste cake
蕨根糍粑:Fern Root Cake
船点:Boat pastry
蚝烙:Oyster omelette with tapioca starch
烫干丝:Dried beancurd threads in consomme
脱骨鱼:Bone-free fish
三套鸭:Three-nested Duck
扣三丝:Chicken, mushroom, ham threads in consomme
油爆河虾:Flash fried river shrimp
黄鳝啫啫煲:Eel Clay Pot
笋干炖鸡:Stewed chicken with dried bamboo shoots    
咸肉蒸黄泥拱竹笋:Steamed bacon with Huang-ni-gong bamboo shoots
玛仁糖/切糕:Xinjiang nut cake
铁锅炖鱼:Fish and tofu stewed in iron pot
榆钱饭:Elm seeds meal
九层皮:Nine-layer cake
紫苏炒青蛳:Purple perilla fried with spiral shell
抓饭:Xinjiang hand pilaf
虾子小刀面:Sliced Noodles with shrimp roe
桂花糯米藕:Steamed lotus root stuffed with sweet sticky rice
板栗烧鸡:Braised chicken with chestnuts
老鸭雁来蕈:Old duck stewed with lactarius delicious
第四集《家常Daily Domestics》中出现的美食:
小凹馍(由玉米面和韭菜制成): Steamed concave buns made of maize flour and Chinese chives
莜面凉皮:Cold oat noodles
枣花馍:Steamed jujube flower bun
天门蒸菜:Tian-men steamed dishes
红烧肉:Braised pork in brown sauce
泡菜鱼:Stewed fish in pickles
各种泡菜:All kinds of pickles
西瓜酱:Watermelon jam
虾子焖茭白:Shrimp roe stewed with cane shoots
蒲菜涨蛋:Cattail omelette
蒲菜水饺:Cattail dumplings
奶汤蒲菜:Stewed cattail in milky soup
蒲笋干烧肉:Braised pork with dried cattail
陈皮红豆沙:Orange flavored red bean paste
红豆姜撞奶:Ginger milk with red bean
莲子龟苓膏:Lotus seed tortoise jelly
木瓜雪耳羹:White fungus broth with papaya
鹌鹑蛋白果糖水:Quail egg white sweet soup
黄糖糍粑:Glutinous rice cake with brown sugar
猪脚姜:Stewed pig’s feet with ginger
冬瓜荷叶煲老鸭:Boiled old duck with winter melon and lotus leaf
小鸡炖蘑菇: Stewed chick with mushroom
烩南北: Stewed mushrooms with winter bamboo shoots
重庆火锅: Chongqing hot pot
北京涮肉火锅: Beijing instant-boiled sliced mutton hot pot
云南菌子火锅: Yunnan mushroom hot pot
潮汕牛肉火锅: Chaoshan beef hot pot
鸡蛋仔: Egg puff
粉圆: Tapioca Pearls
烤香肠: Toasted sausage
葡式焗扇贝: Portuguese-style baked scallops
豆腐蒸桂花鱼: Steamed mandarin fish with tofu
金汤水煮鳜鱼: Stewed mandarin fish in pumpkin soup
水煮海鲜: Poached seafood
盆菜: Poon choi / basin meal
西湖醋鱼: West Lake fish in sweet and sour sauce
鲤鱼焙面: Sweet-and-sour carp baked with noodles
开封灌汤包: Kaifeng soup dumplings
杭州小笼包: Hangzhou soup dumplings
片儿川: Noodles with preserved vegetable
罗宋汤: Borscht
炸猪排: Fried pork chop
牛肉球: Steamed beef ball
纳仁: Stewed mutton with noodles
大盘鸡: Saute spicy chicken with potatoes
架子肉: Meat roasted on skewer
烤包子: Roasted stuffed bun
拉条子: Xinjiang noodles
上海桂花糕: Shanghai osmanthus cake
红烧牛肉面: Braised beef noodles
壳菜肉/淡菜: Dried mussel meat
第六集《秘境Realm of Secrets》中出现的美食:
酸辣华子鱼: Hot and sour Amur ide
沙蟹汁: Ghost crab extract
韭花酱: Leek flower sauce
羊肚包肉: Roasted mutton wrapped in lamb tripe
红柳枝烤羊肉: Roasted mutton cubes on rose willow branch
手抓羊肉Boiled mutton / Mutton eaten with hands
馕: Xinjiang nann
清蒸石斑鱼: Steamed dried fish
清蒸鱼干: Steamed dried fish
蒸虾干: Steamed dried shrimps
炒鸡枞Fried termite mushroom
第七集 《三餐Three Meals中出现的美食:
煎饼果子:Pancake rolled with crisp fritter
面窝:Chinese doughnut
三鲜豆皮:Seafood tofu
热干面:Hot-and-dry noodles
艇仔粥:Tingzai porridge
肠粉:Steamed vermicelli roll
干蒸烧卖:Siu Mai (Steamed pork dumplings)
榴莲酥:Crispy durian cake
虾饺:Steamed shrimp dumpling
咸鸭蛋:Salted duck egg
剁椒蒸鱼头:Steamed fish head with peppers
蒿子粑粑:Crown daisy rice cake
干子烧肉:Braised dried tofu with pork
时蔬彩虹蛋糕:Seasonal vegetables rainbow cake
冰皮月饼:Snow skin mooncake
生煎包:Pan-fried bun stuffed with pork
锅盔:Guokwei/ Dried bun
豌杂面:Noodles with peas and meat sauce
麻辣鸡:Chicken with cayenne pepper
酸木瓜煮鱼:Stewed fish with pickled papaya
爆炒见手青:Stir-fried Jian-Shou-Qing mushrooms